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Welcome to the TokenLinx FAQ section, where you'll find answers to common questions about our platform. TokenLinx is a blockchain-based platform designed to create a marketplace for archiving, sharing, and leveraging critical land data during a property transaction. In this FAQ section, you'll find information about our pilot program, upcoming releases, and plans for future expansion. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

What Is TokenLinx?

Getting to Know Us


What is TokenLinx?

Welcome to TokenLinx. TokenLinx is a blockchain platform that brings all parties involved in a property transaction into one dashboard for increasing efficiency of the transaction process. As a central hub, TokenLinx connects all parties in a property transaction on a single dashboard for facilitating efficient interactions and transactions. The platform is tailored to streamline the coordination process, offering a marketplace for the archiving, sharing, selling, and leveraging of critical land documents. TokenLinx provides a convenient and efficient meeting ground for handling all documents in a property transaction. All the execution of financial agreements and the exchange of significant value take place outside the TokenLinx platform, conducted externally by the involved parties in their chosen manner. Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of property transactions, ultimately benefiting sellers, buyers, and industry professionals alike.


Who should use TokenLinx?

TokenLinx serves a wide array of stakeholders in the real estate industry, including property buyers and sellers, real estate agents, brokers, title and mortgage companies, appraisal and home inspection companies, surveyors, property owners, home builders, developers, and property managers.

How do Title companies and property transaction organizations sign up for TokenLinx?

TokenLinx registration to the platform is currently available in Texas for the following parties in a property transaction: Realtors, Title Companies, Surveyor Companies, Tax Certificate Companies and Home Inspectors (Available February 2024).

What is the TokenLinx plan for consumer launch and expansion?

TokenLinx is available to the B2B organizations as listed in previous answers.  TokenLinx plans to be available to B2C in Q2 of 2024. We're gathering valuable feedback from our B2B offering before opening up to consumers.

What metrics will measure the success of your platform?

TokenLinx tracks user adoption, transaction volume, customer satisfaction, and time savings. TokenLinx is committed to delivering tangible value to all stakeholders.


What is critical land data?

Critical land data encompasses vital documents related to property ownership, improvements, encumbrances and more.  Some examples are deeds, liens, mortgage documents, HOA restrictions, easements, surveys, appraisals, and home inspections, along with property improvement records like roof warranties or appliance manuals.  These documents are essential for a proper understanding of the property, and their availability and accuracy are crucial in the property transaction process. 


Who produces critical land data?

This data is contributed by various sources, including financial institutions, professional service providers, HOAs, title insurance companies, surveyors and property owners.  These various sources provide a diverse range of information that is essential to the property transaction process and by using the TokenLinx platform, all these sources can be easily connected, and their data can be shared and used in a secure and efficient way. 


What makes critical land data important to a real estate transaction?

Access to comprehensive and accurate critical land data is crucial for understanding property history, ensuring smooth transactions, accurate property valuation, and compliance.  The availability and accuracy of critical land data is important to ensure a smooth and efficient property transaction process and protect the interests of all parties involved. 

Does TokenLinx generate or interpret critical land data?

No, TokenLinx only provides an infrastructure for housing data generated as part of a real estate transaction, from organization archives, document purchases when data is published by an organization and orders for services between organizations. 

Does TokenLinx replace title companies or the need for searching courthouses for data?

No, TokenLinx is a platform that can add efficiencies to the processes required for researching the disposition of title for a property through orders, communication and document access.  TokenLinx leaves the research and decisions to the professionals whose expertise is required in a successful property transaction.



How does TokenLinx integrate payment processing into it's platform?

TokenLinx uses a seamless integration process using secure APIs to interact with its payment processing platform. Only essential data points are shared, encrypted throughout transmission. You maintain full control over payment authorization and processing. This streamlines orders payments/fees, subscriptions and document purchases.  Details of the transactions are validated using blockchain for validating parties before orders, purchases and document transfers.

How does TokenLinx use blockchain technology?

TokenLinx utilizes blockchain to create NFTs of property transaction documents post-closing. These NFTs represent the documents generated in the transfer of ownership, but are not associated with any cryptocurrency or investment opportunities.

Who does TokenLinx issue the NFT to?

TokenLinx transfers an NFT of the property related documents to the purchaser of the property.


Does TokenLinx convert a property to an NFT?

No, the NFT is only a representation of the documents generated during the close of the transaction.  The NFT is not converting the property itself to an NFT.  It is not tokenizing the property.  It is not fractionalizing a property.. 

What blockchain technology does TokenLinx use?

TokenLinx uses a private, permissioned blockchain.

Who can see or access an NFT on TokenLinx?

The NFT is private only to the purchaser of the property and managed through a dashboard on TokenLinx.

Is TokenLinx a cryptocurrency?

No, TokenLinx is not a cryptocurrency, nor does it deal with any cryptocurrency.

Does TokenLinx issue tokens, a digital coin or cryptocurrency for use on its platform?

TokenLinx does not issue tokens, does not manage tokens, does not accept tokens, does not accept digital coins, does not advise on cryptocurrency and does not accept cryptocurrency in any form.

How does TokenLinx manage supply and demand of tokens?

TokenLinx does not manage, offer, accept, advise on nor does it issue tokens for use on its platform.

Does TokenLinx have anything to do with investing in cryptocurrency?

No, TokenLinx does not involve cryptocurrency investment. It is a Software as a Service platform for property transactions and document management, with a business model based on order fees, subscriptions, and document sales.

What sort of encryption and security measures does TokenLinx use?

The TokenLinx platform is installed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  All data stored is encrypted by data encryption keys (DEK), which use AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) by default. In addition to storage system level encryption, data is also encrypted at the storage device level with AES-256 for hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD), using a separate device-level key (which is different from the key used to encrypt the data at the storage level). More information can be found here.


What are the TokenLinx pricing options?

TokenLinx offers flexible pricing plans to suit various transaction volume and budget needs. Choose from:
•    Free Plan: Ideal for occasional users or testing out the platform. Limited features and order volume.
•    Basic Plan: Starting at $29.99 per month per organization. Access core features, greater document storage and increased order volume capacity.
•    Professional Plan: Tailored pricing based on your specific needs for storage, order volume and support. 
•    Service Order Fee: $4.99 per completed order, applicable across all plans.
•    Document Sales: Document owners receive a direct fee based on the document type when a document sells.  TokenLinx gets a flat rate or percentage portion from the documents purchase.

How can I choose the right plan for me?

The TokenLinx team can help you assess your needs and recommend the best plan. Contact us for a personalized consultation.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your changing needs.

Does TokenLinx offer discounts?

Yes, volume discounts are available for businesses with high transaction volume. Contact us to discuss your eligibility.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, TokenLinx believes in transparency.  The fees listed above are all-inclusive, with no hidden charges.


What sort of encryption and security measures does TokenLinx use to secure financial and customer data?

The TokenLinx platform is installed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  All data stored is encrypted by data encryption keys (DEK), which use AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) by default. In addition to storage system level encryption, data is also encrypted at the storage device level with AES-256 for hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD), using a separate device-level key (which is different from the key used to encrypt the data at the storage level). More information can be found here

What steps is TokenLinx taking to comply with financial regulations?

TokenLinx actively monitors and complies with evolving financial regulations. TokenLinx has partnered with legal and compliance experts to ensure our platform aligns with all applicable laws.

Where is TokenLinx incorporated and what jurisdictions do its services fall under?

TokenLinx is a privately held company incorporated in the United States in the great state of Texas falling under the jurisdictions of that state. 

Where can I find the Terms of Services and policies of TokenLinx?

The services are located on the following site and may be updated from time to time.

Does TokenLinx handle any money transfers related to the property transfer?

No, TokenLinx only handles transactions such as document purchases, order fees and subscription fees. 

Does TokenLinx have a license to operate it’s business?

There is no specific licensing required for TokenLinx to provide a service platform.  When required, TokenLinx works with state agencies to ensure compliance for the organizations on the platform.

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