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The TokenLinx Marketplace

Streamlined Property Documentation

Our Story

The TokenLinx founders have been involved in the property documents industry for over two decades, recognizing there was significant redundancy and duplication of efforts. They sought to establish a marketplace utilizing Blockchain technology to improve processes and unify systems for greater efficiency within the real estate transaction space by streamlining ordering, obtaining, and storing documents against properties for all contributors of critical land data in property transfers.

Our Vision

To bring all participants in property transactions onto a unified Blockchain-centric platform that benefits both data creators and consumers by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and acknowledging critical land document contributors across real estate transfers.


TokenLinx leverages Blockchain technology on a private network to create a secure, transparent, and highly efficient platform for all participants in property transactions, particularly catering to organizations within the real estate industry by streamlining processes and improving efficiency - ultimately benefitting both document creators and consumers.

Who are we

Channel Partners

The TokenLinx ecosystem is centered around our network of channel partners, who provide critical data and services needed in property transactions. By seamlessly connecting these key contributors across multiple industries and disciplines, we aim to create an integrated platform that simplifies and streamlines document generation processes for a unified experience when it comes to handling the transfer of real estate properties.

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Title Companies

Title companies serve as vital organizations within our ecosystem. They offer critical data and services needed to facilitate smooth and secure property transfer by connecting these key contributors across multiple industries and disciplines. By seamlessly integrating their expertise with that of our network, we aim to create an integrated platform for a unified experience when it comes to the title company handling of the document transfers of real estate properties.

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Organizations who create data for real estate transactions can get listed, send/receive orders, resell critical land documents, and always be associated with a property.A few examples are: 


Home Inspectors


Tax Certificate

Title Abstractors

and More 

Private Property

Property Owners

Property owners gain access to their land documentation and to preferred organizations associated with their properties. They can access a wide range of products and services such as realtors, surveyors, home inspectors and more. Their data and organizations move with them for a permanent property and document history on one platform.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The founders of TokenLinx bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. All have a proven track record of success in founding and operating enterprise-level businesses in the title industry and energy sectors. These seasoned leaders will play an instrumental role in the success of TokenLinx, leveraging their deep understanding of the industry, technology and their proven track record of success to drive the company forward. 

Satisfied Pilot Title Agent

"TokenLinx brings it all together."

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